Frimley & Camberley Cadet Corps

Frimley & Camberley Cadet Corps

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09 July 2022

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Sat 02 Jul 2022

About us

Frimley & Camberley Cadet Corps have been a totally financially autonomous organisation for over 110 years. Accepting Girls and Boys of every type & station in life, between 7 and 16 divided into 4 Companies, to meet in a military environment, to develope their moral, mental & physical state and to have fun & excitement doing so !                                                                                    Cadets enjoying & respect being in uniform, trained properly to carry out shooting, map reading, first aid, drill, Parades both locally & nationally, camping both in tents & buildings, long distance walking, trips to the Continent, riding in helicopters & army vehicles, even joining if you choose, our own Corps of Drums. But we still make time to help those in need in our community.

We need your help, so we can continue to take even more Cadets from a wide background and via our fully trained volunteer Instructors, help turn the Cadets into becoming adults with moral strength, good manners, self control, self respect and hence a good happy successful citizen in whatever life they choose.

Choosing to buy just one ticket per week/month regularly, will help both YOU and the Corp become WINNERS, it all starts & continues with the first ticket !

Thank you for your support and good luck to ALL of us !

Yours sincerely,

Nigel Ferris (CEO)

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